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Lockdown Lessons

1 on 1 lockdown lessons for your Puppy or dog in Lockdown

  • 1 hour
  • 60 euros

Service Description

LOCKDOWN LESSONS Lockdown getting the best of your and your pet? You cant take them everywhere with you like normal and they don't understand why they are banished at home all day. Learn how to get rid of all their bored habits with a few tricks that will enrich their lives. This behaviour Consultation will help you get the help your dog needs in desperate times Lock down lessons includes Home Stimulation Boredom busters Dealing with pent up energy Games you can play Assessment on negative behaviour traits Bespoke print out of solutions to your problems €60 (1 hr session) ​ Why does my dog need Lockdown Lessons??? Lockdown does not only have a negative effect on humans, but our dogs too. Dogs are amazing at picking up the energy around them. So chances are if you are in a slump, so is your dog. They do not necessarily react like us though. They may start 'acting up' and it may be a power struggle trying to get rid of the 'bad behaviour'. Problem is, us humans 90% of the time do not read their signals right and rule it down to 'bad behaviour'. Your dog has possibly already tried to communicate to you its problem and if not read correctly they will try something else until they get the 'attention' they are looking for. Chances are problems at home are down to lack of stimulation. Your dog is frustrated. Just learning a few new tricks, and being dedicated in doing them, you have the power to change your dogs behaviour through positive enforcement. After all, dogs want to please us and nothing makes them happier when they know they have. Not only does this entertain your dog, but you can get the kids involved! Its a win - win.

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