7 Reasons why you should hire a Pet Photographer

It’s convenient to snap pictures of your furry friends with your camera or smartphone when a cute or playful moment presents itself, but those aren’t the photos that you’re going to want to print and frame. For display, you’ll want professional pet photos that are done with taste and grace. Here are some the reasons that make professional pet photography a worthwhile investment: 1. The puppy stage is very short

We all melt when looking at photos of puppies. It's the sweetest thing ever and we all wish we could have a puppy again. You may have had a puppy once, but you barely remember it because the puppy grows so fast! Who doesn't like to search for puppy photos? The beautiful pictures of little and clumsy animals, sleeping or playing, with great light, keeping all the details and the softness. High end photography is hard to achieve with iPhones and those types of photos don't do justice to your dog at all. Those playful, cuddly puppies will grow up fast. You’ll want to capture this moment so that you will be able to remember it when your friend becomes an adult and eventually a senior. This is the sweetest and most innocent phase of your pet’s life, and before you realize it, it will be gone. So the sooner you immortalize it in photography, the better.

2. Animals don’t last forever I wish they did, but they will die some day and then what will you have? 1000 photos in your Dropbox all with bad lighting and resolution enough for an 8x10. Many of my clients are booking what I call Rainbow Sessions. It’s for pets who are nearing the end of life either due to old age or an illness. It’s great to get those photo opportunities in before it’s too late, but why not get a new photo shoot done with them every couple of years, when they’re still strong and healthy, so that when they do pass, you’ll have something to illustrate their whole life. Saying goodbye to your companion is never easy. So before it’s too late, this is a wonderful way to capture those last precious moments

3. Your pet is part of your family

We all take professional pictures with our spouses or families. Why not honour your beloved pet with a quality photo shoot as well? Pet photography also has the ability to be more artistic in lighting and backdrops than family portraits. Imagine the action shots, the cute poses and expressions framed perfectly on your wall. Family portraits, when displayed, tend to be no larger than 8x10, but an artistic pet photo can look great at larger proportions. Cooper's family gave themselves a gift with beautiful family portraits in their home.

4. Pet photography done tastefully can become a piece of art

This isn’t stock photos or store-bought décor. This is unique and personalized art. Photos of animals make great pieces of art. But instead of spending thousands of Euro on a photo of a horse or dog you don't know, now you have the chance to have your own custom made piece of art of your cat or dog.

5. Photography takes skill

You might take some great photos, but they still won’t have