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Kulula - Zulu for 'Easy'


I was lucky enough to grow up in South Africa.  With the sun, sea and sand my dogs were always by my side no matter what.   I have had beautiful breeds to raise.  from a beautiful Staffordshire Pitbull terrier, Layla, to the tiniest little Chihuahua, Zeus.  


Since my move to Ireland, I have noticed that the dog culture here is very different to what I was used too.  In South Africa dogs were there to protect yourself and your family.  They were mainly outside animals.  They adjusted to the lifestyle very easily, our guard dogs did not go for walks often as they had large gardens and properties to roam.  When I moved to Ireland in 2018 I noticed how different it was to have a dog.  All of a sudden, in rain or shine, everyone still walks their dogs.  This intrigued me and I noticed they generally did not have large areas to roam in their property or large fences to guard.  Dogs are generally well socialised as there are a lot of dog walking areas.  I had always trained my dogs myself, but walking my dog on a daily bases was just not possible in South Africa.

With the lockdowns, I have seen there has been a massive interest in buying puppies to keep everyone's hopes up, which of course it has.  We are now dealing with a problem that people are going back to their lives or school.  These dogs are now used to having company  at home, are now left with no one. A lot of separation anxiety is starting to take place and this is seen as the dog being 'naughty', but they simple scared of being left home.  We are also lacking social interaction between other dogs as people have been limited to a 5km exercise area.  Through a lot of research and studies I have the tools to fix it all!  With time and dedication we can get your beloved pet back.

My dogs are my family, it is as simple as that! 

They are amazing! You give them love and affection and they give you so much more. They live to please their owners and love you unconditionally.  I have been brought up with dogs my entire life. Took me too long to figure out they have completed my life! 

Many dogs start to show undesirable behaviour when we as humans are not understanding them and their needs.  Most of the time your dog needs to be understood in order to stop the undesirable behaviour. That is where Kulula comes in. Let me help you understand where your problems are coming from

Through training you too can have everything you dreamed of with your canine friend.  Life does not have to be frustrating when your dog doesn't do something you want it to do. There is always a way to live harmoniously with them, you just need to understand them and what they are trying to tell you.  As humans, we tend to portray our human emotions onto our dogs and animals, when in fact they do not necessarily feel the same as you do. Without realising we are reinforcing bad behaviour and then getting upset when it becomes a problem.  This is not fair to your dog that just wants to please you.

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